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Formulate Your Vision as a Couple

“Break it Down into Actionable Steps, implement a framework to keep each other on track, measure what matters and achieve more than you ever thought was possible.”

Introducing Couples IO

The Ultimate Framework for Couples to Achieve Their Goals Together

IO means Input = Output How often are you frustrated with the results(OUTPUTS) you achieve or rather DONT ACHIEVE? You put so many hours into business meetings, strategy, same page meetings with co-workers, clients, your boss etc…Yet our most important purpose and relationship, we dont have consistent connection times to review and measure what matters.

  •  How many times have you wanted to discuss something “important” but it was the wrong time?
  • ​How often have you wished you could be on the same page about spending?
  • ​You get frustrated when one of you feels like the other isnt pulling their weight, but also you havent agreed to what the “weight” is so there is no accountability.
  • ​You have wished that you had a dedicated time where your partner could just focus on what you both agreed was important.
  • ​You wished that you didnt have to bring up hard conversations on date night
  • ​You feel like there is never enough time to discuss the kids, household convos, friends etc

At Couples IO we have created a system that helps you break down your big goals into a system that identifies the major things that each of you will have to focus on, the tasks that need to be done to achieve them, as well as a system that captures and prioritizes improvement opportunities in your marriage, relationships, parenting, finances, relationships, and all the most important areas.

Are you and your partner ready to finally execute on what you know you are fully capable of? How frustrating is it to spend time together dreaming and visioning only to miss the mark and not reach the full potential you know you are capable of as a couple? Couples IO is here to help you identify your shared vision, break it down into manageable steps, and provide the support and accountability you need to turn your dreams into reality.

With Couples IO

you'll receive a comprehensive framework that guides you through the process of setting goals as a couple. We'll help you define your vision, break it down into quarterly, weekly, and daily actionable steps, and provide you with the tools and resources to stay on track. In Fact, maybe the most important part is the framework for a weekly meeting. How often do you as a couple get the BIG vision, goals etc and then after a few weeks you are no longer on the same page and eventually one or both of you are off track?

With Couples IO we have a weekly Next Level Meeting that helps you stay connected, on track, and accountable to each other! In this meeting you will…

  • Share important information about each other, the kids, friends, and other important info.
  • Review the scorecard and measure what matters.
  • ​Review each other's Rocks and milestones.
  • ​Review to-do list and update as needed.
  • ​Spend the majority of the meeting in discussion around Improvement Opportunities.
  • ​Wrap up the meeting with clarity on to dos for next week and any other takeaways.

Here's what Couples IO offers:

  • Annual Advance

Vision Identification: Work together with your partner to clarify your shared vision and align your goals.
Mission Development: Work to determine what your purpose is as a couple and family
Get clear on what your best year ever looks like in all the key pillar areas.

  • Quarterly Planning: Create a roadmap for the next three months, setting clear objectives and milestones.
  • Weekly Next Level Meetings: Stay accountable by scheduling regular check-ins to review progress, celebrate wins, get clear direction on improvement opportunities and adjust your plan if needed.
  • ​Daily Action Steps: Review to dos and reminders to keep you focused and motivated.
  • Supportive Community: Join a community of like-minded couples who are also committed to achieving their goals.
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